Carlos Lischetti Photo Biography

carlos lischetti

​Carlos Lischetti’s passion for cake decorating, baking and pastry started over 20 years ago. As a small boy, Carlos was most happy in the kitchen of the family home in Rosario, Argentina, baking cakes for his family and experimenting with sugar paste decoration. As his curiosity grew, he started to take different local cake decorating courses that eventually helped him to master various modelling techniques. When his hobby became a career, he continued to work in Rosario until his ever-growing curiosity led him once again to attend more courses, this time in Paris and London.

Carlos’ trademark style, developed alongside the animated sketches by his twin brother, Elio, has become recognised all over the world. His first book, Animation in Sugar, was launched in 2012 and has since been reprinted several times and published in four languages, with more translations to follow. His work is featured regularly in Cakes & Sugarcraft magazine and he has hundreds of thousands of followers around the world. Carlos travels extensively, teaching students at a number of international renowned culinary schools.

Elio Lischetti Photo Biography


​Elio grew up in Rosario, Argentina. Since childhood he’s been drawn to art and it was soon after high school he decided to pursue a career in traditional animation.
He had a wonderful chance to study animation at Vancouver Film School for a year. Many jobs came after that which got him to work in various feature films for different studios around the world, Dreamworks and Disney are the ones to be highlighted.

Following a unique creative process first revealed in Animation in Sugar, Elio illustrates all the characters on paper before Carlos brings them to life in sugar. Elio then captures each finished piece with his expert photography which is beautifully reproduced in the books. Elio and Carlos both share a vision to bridge the gap between art and people with a fun, clear and inspiration approach.

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